Accidents at Work - Domestic Employees

Because we know that accidents can happen to people who work in your home, we present you with a solution that guarantees the protection of those who provide services to your home, such as the maid, the gardener or even the driver.

With Workmen's Compensation Insurance you protect those who look after your home. By law it is compulsory for your domestic staff to be insured against accidents at work. The insurance allows you to comply with this legal obligation, while at the same time providing you with a respite, turning this obligation into an advantage.

Your responsibilities become the Insurer, in the event of an accident occurring on your service or on the way to your residence and vice-versa, the Insurer assumes the indemnities and pensions, established by law, arising from that same accident. This insurance does not require the indication of the name of the Insured Person.


Base Covers

Payment of all benefits defined by law for the recovery of the insured person (medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital assistance) or funeral expenses, in the event of an accident at the place of work or on the way from home to work. It is an occupational accident insurance that is compulsory by law.

  • Medical, surgical, pharmaceutical and hospital care;
  • Compensation for Temporary Disability (Absolute or Partial);
  • Compensation for Permanent Disability (Absolute or Partial);
  • Compensation in the event of Death;
  • The payment of other expenses and compensation as a result of an accident.

Care to be taken

What wage should be insured: the employer is always responsible for determining the wage to be insured, but it cannot be less than the value of the Guaranteed Minimum Monthly Wage (RMMG). Every year a law is published, which updates the RMMG for the following year. The insured salary must correspond to everything that the law considers to be an integral part of the salary, including the value of food and housing, as well as other regular benefits in kind or in cash, and also holiday and Christmas bonuses.

In the case of part-time employees "woman by days" the calculation of the capital to be insured is obtained through the formula (example): 

  • Wage/hour x 8 hours per week x 52 weeks per year / 12 months x 14 months 

Legal obligation to insure: failure to take out this compulsory insurance constitutes an administrative offence punishable by a fine of €500 to €3,750 or €25,000, depending on whether the employer is a natural or legal person (Article 67 of Decree-Law 143/99 of 30 April).


The information contained in this website is merely indicative. The rights and obligations of the parties are defined in the Proposals, Conditions Special and General applicable terms of the respective insurance policies contracted.