Accidents at Work

Guarantees all legal benefits, in kind and in cash, for the reparation of accidents at work.

Personal Accidents

The unexpected can happen to your Company's employees, at work or during leisure time.

Car Insurance

Fulfill your legal responsibilities as a vehicle owner and protect your assets.

Multi-risk Insurance

Protection for Heritage - Building and Contents.

Civil Liability

Solutions that protect liabilities vis-à-vis third parties.

Product Liability

Claims arising from defective products.

Insurance for Goods Transported

Protect your goods, whether they are raw materials or finished product.

Corporate Health Insurance

Protected, motivated and productive employees. Consult the experts.

Engineering Risks

Protect the investment in your construction and/or extension work, as well as damages to third parties.

D&O Professional Liability Directors and Officers

Protect yourself against third party claims for acts of management.

Travel insurance

The unforeseen in travel can occur, accidents, sudden illness, theft and other unexpected events.

Event Insurance

Compensation for event cancellations.

Hull Machinery Insurance

Damage to equipment and machinery.